Down the Rabbit Hole – and other dangerous on line behaviors…

I have this bad habit of going down the rabbit hole – so to speak – when I browse on line. 

Once quite a few years ago I was killing time waiting for a traffic wreck to clear before driving home on a Friday night and so I opened up Bing. There was this beautiful photo of the French Pyrenees. Not having a specific goal other than avoiding a traffic mess I started clicking links related to this beautiful area. Now, mind you, I took French in 5th Grade so I am by no means literate let alone fluent! But that didn’t stop me. So 3 hours later I have located a property in the French Pyrenees that is for sale. I’ve decided that me and my family and friends should buy it, and open a bed & breakfast. Not only that, I’ve identified what jobs everyone should have! Seriously. Wish I was kidding! So I send this rambling email off to my sister with this exceptional idea I’ve had.  Her response: “I don’t like the house.”

I laughed so hard! She knows me so well…

Needless to say, we didn’t all buy the house and move to France. But I still find myself clicking around at interesting things on the net – I just try not to go quite so far down the rabbit hole.

So ask yourself – what made me write this today? What was a clicking on that made me thing about it? Well, that is for another day another time. Maybe.

Happy surfing – don’t buy any property you don’t actually want to live in! 😉


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