When Soap Gets In Your Eyes…

So while I was taking a shower this morning I got soap in one of my eyes. I quickly washed it out and while I waited for it to stop stinging, I thought about the poor test animals that don’t have the ability to rinse caustic compounds from their eyes!

Animals are used for testing in so very many ways and today my rant is about personal care products. You know – soap, shampoo, makeup, perfume… The things we use every day too frequently without a thought about the animals OPTIONALLY tortured to bring you and me these products.

These animals are subjected to painful, invasive, and deadly experiments WHEN THERE ARE OTHER OPTIONS AVAILABLE! Think about it – do you want bunnies sprayed in the eyes over and over again to test the toxicity of perfumes you wear when there are options that don’t require the pain and torture of animals? Don’t kid yourself – they don’t just spray it on their fur to see how it smells. These animals live a terrifying, pain filled, short life. And for what????

The truly evil part about this is that many companies that have been faithful non-animal testing have done an about face. Why? GREED. Pure and simple. They want the China market and while the laws are changing, if they want to sell in a brick & mortar store in China (and some other eastern countries), they are forced by law to test. So they forsake their ethics.

I’m very particular about what I buy. There are so many amazing household and beauty products that are cruelty free that there is simply no excuse (in my opinion) to continue to buy products that torture animals….

What do you think? Does the end justify the means?


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